Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review


Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

The Mi Note 10 was the main telephone to be declared with a 108MP camera, back in November of a year ago. Almost a half year later, Xiaomi put out a Lite variant, and that one is here with us for survey.

Exclusively the camera framework. What’s more, it’s an entire bundle of minimizations, as well. The Mi Note 10 Lite trades out that champion 108MP module for a progressively unobtrusive 64MP one while the 20MP ultra-wide has been supplanted with a 8MP module. The faxes are gone – them two, so there’s no fax camera on the Lite. The stripped down telephone has two additional cameras, a 2MP full scale and a 5MP profundity sensor, however we’re not really devotees of those.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Over on the front, another camera replacement anticipates – the 32MP selfie shooter of the Note 10 has been supplanted with a 16MP one.

Also, that is truly it. Taking a gander at the specsheet, the Mi Note 10 Lite is viably a Mi Note 10 for the individuals who don’t put such a solid accentuation on photography, however who can value a capable midrange bundle at a lower value point than what each one of those cameras commanded on the non-Lite. Here’s that specsheet before we proceed onward.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite unboxing

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

The Mi Note 10 Lite boats in precisely the same dark cardboard box as the non-Lite. A couple of restorative contrasts can be spotted – the ’10’ is a lot bolder now, and there’s a nervy content as an afterthought that we’ve seen on a couple of other late Xiaomi boxes, likely a hit at Huawei – ‘with simple access to the Google applications you utilize most’.


Anyway, inside the container you’ll locate a 30W charging block that can joyfully immerse the telephone’s capacity input abilities – as in, there’s none of that ‘telephone bolsters 30W charging, here’s a 18W connector’ gibberish, we’ve seen now and again. A USB-A-to-C link is additionally provided. The Mi Note 10 Lite has a 3.5mm jack locally (yahoo!), so no connector is required for that and there isn’t one packaged.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

At last, there’s a smoked straightforward silicone defensive case in the crate too.


The Mi Note 10 Lite is worked in an exemplary manner for a cutting edge upper midranger – an uncovered aluminum midframe holds together the internals, encased between two glass boards. The casing has a glossy silk finish, the glass originates from Corning and is Gorilla Glass 5.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Taking a gander at it from the front, the Lite is a duplicate of the Mi Note 10. It has the equivalent delightful 6.47-inch AMOLED show with delicately bended sides and a decently unattractive U-molded selfie camera score. Directly above it is the place you’ll discover the earpiece grille destroying a balance of glass and casing.

The dark bezel around the board keeps up its thickness on the sides or more, to satisfy people that are specific about such subtleties. It’s a smidgen meatier on the base, yet by and large the bezel circumstance is practically lead grade.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Underneath the showcase, an optical unique mark sensor gives the go-to technique to biometric validation. It’s quick to do its thing, and the homescreen is only a snappy tap away, however you could likewise keep your finger on the sensor somewhat longer for a lot of alternate routes.


The edge also could most likely be tradable with the one on the Mi Note 10 – everything is in similar spots. The force button and the volume rocker are on the right, situated for simple access with either the correct thumb or the left forefinger. Towards the base on this side is the place the SIM cards go – two nano-sized ones of every a plate that is not microSD-accommodating. There’s literally nothing on the left of the telephone.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

The straightened base is home to the USB-C port in the center, the amplifier and the essential mic to one side, the 3.5mm earphone jack to one side. These aren’t completely adjusted along a similar line, which could bug a few people, yet we’ve for the most part proceeded onward from searching for such things. Obviously.

Up top, the correspondingly etched edge is home to an additional mouthpiece and the IR blaster – we’re sure you can discover utilizes cases for that.

Which at long last carries us to the back and here’s the place things are all around unique in relation to what we had on the Mi Note 10. The five cameras in a 3+1+1 plan have been supplanted by a quad arrangement with all modules gathered under a similar glass. The quad-LED streak is the equivalent yet is presently elaborately joined to the camera cluster utilizing a dark foundation. We can concede since the Mi Note 10’s dispersed cameras didn’t rub us an incredible right way and the Lite’s progressively conservative methodology looks better.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

With the expulsion of the essentially greater 108MP cam, the Mi Note 10 Lite’s camera get together has contracted in thickness. A positive result of that will be that the Lite no longer wobbles on a level surface.

The Xiaomi logo in the lower left of the back stays as do the not exactly engaging administrative markings on the right.

Our audit unit is in the Midnight Black colorway, however there’s practically nothing ‘dark’ about it – it’s most likely propelled by 12 PM experienced past the Arctic Circle. This isn’t to imply that we don’t care for it, obviously – it’s simply that it can be mistaken for all shades of blue and dim, contingent upon how light hits it.

It’s a shiny completion on this glass back, and similarly as with every single such plan, it will be inclined to aggregating fingerprints. In any case, with the relative gentility and high reflectivity of the colorway, the prints aren’t too noticeable all things considered.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

The Mi Note 10 Lite estimates 157.8×74.2×9.7mm, which is actually equivalent to the Mi Note 10 non-Lite. This one is 4 grams lighter for sure, yet at 204g, it’s not really featherweight. The 5,260mAh battery may have a state in this, and it’s a tradeoff we can grasp. The moderately high thickness of near 10mm doesn’t generally hang out, in actuality, use because of the bended sides, both front and back, which cause the telephone to feel more slender than what the numbers propose.


The Mi Note 10 Lite runs MIUI 11, in view of Android 10, as most other late Xiaomi or Xiaomi-related telephones (hack, Poco). The level and basic structure with a significant level of clean is normal for the whole UI, a consequence of many plan emphasess and unpretentious changes and choices throughout the years.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

As far as biometric security, the Mi Note 10 Lite gives you a decision among face and unique mark open. The unique finger impression peruser would be our top decision as it works rapidly and dependably. Facial acknowledgment isn’t as secure, however in case you’re after accommodation it’ll convey that.

We do welcome the additional tender loving care Xiaomi put into the visual parts of opening as there are a lot of unique finger impression peruser movements to browse. Even better, there are two or three unique mark peruser based alternate routes you can set up for some additional comfort.

The Mi Note 10 Lite backings an Always in plain view, and you can plan it or leave it on/off constantly. MIUI 11 has a huge amount of subjects you can look over and make it yours and some of them can even be additionally modified. The AOD additionally bolsters breathing light – the bended edges of the showcase will streak with hues upon new warnings.

User Interface

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

To the extent the general format goes, you get a couple of decent additional items, similar to a snappy alternate ways sheet to one side of the lock screen. In there, you can organize and control your Mi Device IR and IoT devices and apparatuses and furthermore flip the electric lamp.

The entirety of the Android nuts and bolts are unquestionably there and very much secured. This specific form likewise includes an application cabinet choice (missing on the Mi 10 and 10 Pro). It’s a similar one presented by the off-shoot Poco Launcher, which has now made it to non-Poco-explicit MIUI variants. The correspondingly strange card-based assignment switcher can set aside some effort to alter however offers the entirety of the required usefulness.

Route is taken care of in the exemplary three-button nav-bar way out of the crate. The Mi Note 10 Lite offers a motion based technique and changing to that is the main thing we do on any telephone. It’s feeling the loss of the slight bar on the base that is become the Android 10 default path for exchanging to and fro between applications. On MIUI, exchanging between the last two applications is finished by swiping from the edge of a screen as though you are playing out a back motion and holding for a brief instant. In the event that you are not partial to that brisk switch, you can impair it in the settings menu.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

A framework wide Dark mode is likewise accessible, and on the Mi Note 10 Lite, we had a greatly improved involvement in it than we did on the Mi 10, where we even discovered the intermittent Xiaomi application and menu that doesn’t hold fast to Dark Mode settings. Obviously, if Google Maps doesn’t have a dim mode itself, it simply doesn’t and that’s all there is to it.

You get broad subject help with MIUI. Essentially, everything is liable to change including backdrops, symbols, textual styles, the part.

MIUI additionally offers a Security application. It can examine your telephone for malware, deal with your boycott, oversee or limit your information use, design battery conduct, and let loose some RAM. It can likewise deal with the consents of your introduced applications, permits you to characterize the battery conduct of chose applications and applies limitations just to the applications you pick.

A lot of restrictive sight and sound applications are ready as well – Gallery, Music, and Video player. In certain locales, the music and video applications incorporate paid spilling choices. MIUI 11 has another report seeing application, which bolsters every single famous arrangement and makes for a consistent encounter. There is additionally another Notes application that presently underpins Tasks.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Among the amenities nearly overlooked, yet present on the Mi Note 10 Lite, are the IR-based Mi Remote application for controlling inheritance non-associated apparatuses and a FM radio help.

Camera Review

The Mi Note 10 Lite has what is an unmistakably downsized camera arrangement contrasted with the one on the Mi Note 10. The 108MP essential is gone, as are both of the Note 10’s faxes, while the ultra wide has seen a drop in goal and has been deprived of its self-adjusting capacities. However, the Mi Note 10 had one of the most complete camera arrangements available (despite everything has), so going a couple of indents down from that could even now make for a sensible camera experience.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

The Lite’s fundamental cam depends on the well known 64MP Quad Bayer sensor – a 1/1.7″ imager with 0.8µm pixels that yields 16MP photographs as a matter of course. The focal point has a 26mm proportionate central length and a f/1.9 opening. Not at all like the one on the Mi Note 10, the Lite’s isn’t balanced out.

The ultra wide camera utilizes a 8MP sensor behind a f/2.2 opening length of undefined central length, yet one that is bounty wide in fact.

With no faxes on board to assist with profundity discovery for representations, there’s a devoted 5MP module for simply that. A 2MP unit for close ups is likewise present bringing the all out camera depend on the back to 4.

For selfies, the Mi Note 10 Lite packs a 16MP camera in the presentation indent. The focal point has a f/2.5 opening and no self-adjust.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Xiaomi’s camera application looks and feels generally the equivalent, paying little mind to module tally and points of interest. You swipe from side to side to change modes, yet somewhat of an irritation is that you can just switch by each mode in turn – thus, for instance, going from Photo mode to Night mode requires three separate swipes, rather than one long one. You can likewise tap on the modes that you can see to change to those straightforwardly, however they don’t all appear on one screen. Here and there swipes don’t work for exchanging between the front and back cameras, just the switch close to the shade discharge does that.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

Selfie Camera

On the close to end of the viewfinder, you have the back camera switch that works in one of two styles. The first is essentially tapping on the hover with the dynamic amplification to cycle between the principle cam’s local view (1x), a carefully zoomed in 2x, and the 0.6x for the ultra-wide. On the other hand, you can tap on the individual spots for direct access to every amplification.

On the furthest edge of the viewfinder, you have a glimmer mode switch (Off/Auto/On/Torch/Soft light), a HDR switch (Off/Auto/On), an AI flip, the large scale mode alternate way and an enchantment wand with magnificence impacts and channels. Behind a burger menu, you’ll locate some more alternatives in addition to the easy route to the full settings menu.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Full Review

There’s a pleasantly competent Pro mode, where you can change shooting boundaries yourself. You get the chance to pick one of 4 white parity presets or dial in the light temperature with a slider, there’s a manual centering slider (self-assertive units 0-100), and shade speed and ISO control with ranges relying upon which camera you’re utilizing. You can get to both the principle cam and the ultra wide, just as the full scale module, while in Pro mode. Behind the A shirt top, you can choose between center cresting and zebras for overexposure, yet a live histogram is absent. A metering mode selector is accessible as well.

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