vivo X50 Pro Full Review


Vivo disclosed the X50 course of action this June, and it is an enrapturing awesome quality trio. The X50 is a premium mid-official with 5G arrange, the X50 Pro+ has the speediest Snapdragon 865, while the star of this study – the X50 Pro – uses a gimbal structure for camera change – initiating the segment for the entire wireless industry.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

Unquestionably, the cameraphone group isn’t simply alive and well, it has been prospering this year. We saw different imaging advancements, for instance, gigantic sensors and long-go zooming. Speedy night modes and full scale place at 2cm. Likewise, here is vivo adding one increasingly critical tech to the mix in with the vivo X50 Pro – a little scope gimbal system for astonishing picture and video modification. Besides, it is no invention yet the real thing, with all the extravagant miscellaneous items.

Nonetheless, we ought to rewind a piece. The vivo X50 Pro is a twofold glass mobile phone with one huge and twisted OLED screen with HDR10+ support, 90Hz stimulate rate, and 180Hz touch recognizing. It has the 5G-enabled Snapdragon 765G chip with lots of RAM and limit. Moreover, for a phone that is unfathomably petite, and with a gimbal structure that expends on numerous occasions more space than a standard camera, the X50 Pro has a tremendous 4,315mAh that supports 33W speedy charging. Better than average!

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

By and by, back to the back camera – it’s a quad-course of action with a custom 48MP Sony IMX598 fundamental on the said gimbal structure, by then there is a 8MP ultrawide shooter that duplicates as full scale cam with extraordinary focus division – basically 2.5cm. Next comes a 13MP portrayal camera with 2x optical zoom. Ultimately, there is a 8MP sensor behind 135mm periscopic point of convergence for 5x optical zoom. It shows up vivo spared no benefits on the back camera and it has everything that is cutting edge most definitely!

The central camera is the one specifically that can shoot in all objectives and framerates, and the gimbal alteration is reliably unique. You can in like manner engage electronic alteration for the alleged Ultra Steady Mode.

The X50 Pro abrupt spikes sought after for the Android 10 with Google-fied Funtouch 10.5 UX. The latest vivo interface is apparently a positive turn of events – clean and jumble free.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

There is one glaring oversight on the X50 Pro, and it truly goes for the entire X50 plan – there is no passage security of any kind. We saw that the SIM plate is all around fixed, so vivo may have given some security, yet it has decided not to confer it to general society. Which drifts us back to the nonattendance of authentic water resistance.

Likewise, by and by we should stop sitting around idly – here comes the vivo X50 Pro!

Unboxing the vivo X50 Pro

Its a verifiable truth vivo has been energetic about giving a better than average presentation with its retail boxes, and the X50 Pro comes in a single progressively huge box that contains a lot. Above all else, vivo is conveying the X50 Pro with a 33W charger and an ideal USB-C connect to go with it.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The maker is similarly throwing a high-bore in-ear headset and a direct silicone case for extra protection.

Finally, the X50 Pro goes with a creation line applied modest protective film, so your screen is ensured about right out of the case.

Design And Build

The vivo X50 Pro may cover something that is a first for a wireless, yet the handset itself looks and feels basically like some different glass pioneer. Likewise, that is some incomprehensibly elevating news.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The glass sandwich arrangement has been the understood accord among the makers over the span of ongoing years and until the foldables change the scene (or not), it will stay for quite a while. Moreover, the vivo X50 Pro is one small and lightweight device with an unbelievable and staggering OLED, slim bezels, and frosted back glass with point paintjob. The petite aluminum plot shows up what holds everything together and the unrivaled handle advertiser.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The vivo X50 Pro gauges 158.5 x 72.8 x 8 mm and weighs 181 grams – numbers considered rather negligible and lightweight for a phone with a 6.56″ OLED screen and a 4,315 mAh battery. Furthermore, we ought not ignore the gigantic gimbal system inside, which didn’t make for a thicker than regular camera holder. For connection, the OnePlus 8 with a comparable screen and battery size, anyway with less cameras, is 2mm taller than the X50 Pro.

The whole front of the X50 Pro is included by the 6.56″ AMOLED screen. It is a shared key component through the entire X50 game plan and is jam-loaded down with pioneer grade treats – it has HDR10+ support, DCI-P3 concealing reach, high strengthen rate, and fast touch recognizing. The X50 and X50 Pro here assistance 90Hz stimulate rate, while the Pro+ goes up to 120Hz.

The OLED screen has incredibly modest bezels. The 32MP selfie camera is inside one uncommonly little punch-opening example around the upper left corner, one of the tiniest dim spots we’ve seen as of late.

The earpiece is really imperceptible over the screen not some time before the edge. You can’t see its grille, just one long and pitiful hole, where the earpiece should be. It is pitiful to the point that we may gain some hard experiences fitting regardless, something as sharp and slim as an incredibly sharp edge.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The extraordinary finger impression scanner is behind the screen, much equivalent to on most of the high level phones. It is of the optical kind and works speedy, anyway its exactness depends upon the measure of your finger is on head of it. This infers the outside of the peruser isn’t as broad as on specific competitors, yet once you get its quintessence, you will have no issues. You can engage face affirmation for an essentially speedier open, yet it isn’t as secure.

Vivo X50 Pro ships with a slim cautious film, anyway we couldn’t have cared less for it undeniably and discarded it fast. The front glass is a tempered one, anyway the maker hasn’t shed any nuances on its producer. It is twisted around the more drawn out edges, anyway deficient to reach issues by virtue of fake palm inputs.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

Vivo is selling the X50 Pro in three unquestionable concealing other options – Alpha Gray, Frost Blue, and Glaze Black. All of them offer rich frosted sheets with eye-smart tendency paintjobs.

The Alpha Gray X50 Pro we have here has its back rewarded glass painted in diminish and blue, advancing effectively in the middle and making for some cool light-bowing depending upon the point.

The back glass is in like manner twisted, much equivalent to the front one, and if you look cautiously – its recurring pattern is extremely increasingly outrageous and goes all over. The frosted completion looks shocking and is generally interesting finger impression safe, anyway it isn’t grippy if that is what you were looking for after.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The fundamental surface that gives any grip is the humble aluminum layout, which is wobbly on the sides, yet thick and level around the top and base. Also, as a result of this levelness, the vivo X50 Pro can stand upstanding – something we on occasion watch these days. Accommodating – scarcely, anyway cool it is.

Discussing the packaging, its base is very pressed with the USB-C port, the mouthpiece, the twofold SIM plate, and the speaker grille. Meanwhile, all keys are on the left.

Additionally, directly back to the entrancing back, which seems, by all accounts, to be one of a kind each time we look at it.

The back camera is probably the X50 Pro most fascinating perspective, yet at that point, the maker has made sense of how to keep the camera thump fundamental and completely reasonable in size. Believe it or not, the course of action is distending basically like some other lead camera, be it a Samsung’s or Apple’s, no more, no less.

An enormous segment of the spot is taken by the 48MP fundamental, and you can evidently see how much space its gimbal system is eating up. The 13MP portrayal and 8MP ultrawide shooter can be seen underneath the crucial snapper, while the two little dim spots around should be simply the assistive laser for the change.

Confined is the last camera, yet perceptible is only the completion of its periscopic point of convergence. It’s a 8MP shooter that offers 5x optical zoom, however since of one all the more for the most part new advancement, its point of convergence requires more space than anticipated, and you can see only its completion. The sensor is stayed behind the aluminum piece, some spot underneath the word camera.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

Managing the vivo X50 Pro is a lead understanding, and even without a case, the phone has a feeling of security enough close by, be it when shooting accounts or examining Facebook. Its glass body is perilous, certain, anyway the edge and its shape add essentially enough hold to make it usable even without extra security. Besides, if you trust you need increasingly critical tranquility, vivo has you made sure about legitimately out of the holder with the official case dispatching with the phone.

The X50 Pro is an especially fabricated phone, that is no ifs, ands or buts. The twofold security glass sheets are the most generally perceived example accessible, while the aluminum layout makes for both hold and strength, whether or not those are minor. The phone isn’t waterproofed, whether or not flexible seals are accessible on the SIM space. It might have some passageway protection, yet it is more intelligent to be considered as not guaranteed against water and be wary of it. We really trust in the Chinese makers to make a sharp U-turn on the water protection soon – it’s a long past due.

Software And UI

The vivo X50 Pro runs Android 10 with vivo’s custom Funtouch 10.5. The in-house customizations regardless of everything run significant, anyway vivo has made various positive turns of events – the UI is a great deal of cleaner and most by far of the iOS-like parts are right now gone.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The primary thing we saw is that the new Funtouch has a fitting admonition conceal with quick switches in it, rather than the past philosophy with an old iOS-like Control place on the base and notification from the top. Furthermore, it works like some other admonition conceal – you pull down from the top and a segment of switches appears, sees cards underneath it; pull down again and you get the entire system of flips, there is a simple course to the settings, too.

Funtouch now looks and feels an incredible arrangement like a perfect Android 10 rather than the strongly revamped old emphasess. It has less jumble on the homescreens (the furthest left being the Google one), you get a streamlined App Drawer essentially like on Android 10, and even the OS course is equivalent.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

Some other custom launchers incorporate a swipe and hold movement from the side to switch between the last two applications, yet not Funtouch UI. It uses that movement for something, nonetheless – it is called ‘Quick dispatch applications,’ and it’s a five-image simple course menu, where you can incorporate any application presented the phone. You ca exclude the spotlight, for example, which we feel is a messed up possibility. You can incapacitate the component totally also.

A swipe and hold from the corners calls the Google Assistant.

Other course decisions are furthermore available including the swipe from the base grouping which works like a nav bar, just with swipes, similarly as the excellent nav bar itself.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The vivo X50 Pro has a reliably on display feature, which you can re-try anyway much you may need. Diminish mode for the entire UI is similarly present.

Biometric security comes in two flavors – an under-show optical exceptional imprint peruser and a camera-simply face affirmation. One of a kind imprint affirmation works brilliantly fast, anyway the sensor domain isn’t as extensive as on some various phones, so precision would depend solely upon whether your entire fingertip is on the peruser or not.

The facial affirmation works incredibly fast too, even in pitch indefinite quality, where it lights up the introduction real smart (a little, not blinding you). While it requires at any rate one open eye to open, it’s up ’til now a tolerably unsteady confirmation method.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

There’s a great deal of gaming-focused programming features arranged in also, worked from inside the Ultra Game Mode place purpose of sorts. That is gotten to from the rule settings menu or by long crushing the flip in the notice conceal, which similarly serves a worldwide on/off switch of the features. Game associate will show a popup, lighting up you it has everything upgraded and guidelines you on current settings – you can injure it after you’re worn out on watching it. Game sidebar is the spot you’ll have the choice to change settings mid-game – handle alerts, screen recording, and the weight fragile gets task, among others. You can re-try the choices in this sidebar similarly as weaken it absolutely and simply set the things from the Ultra Game Mode Optimization Center.

Camera Review

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The vivo X50 Pro features a quad-camera on its back with a 48MP basic, a 13MP picture, a 8MP fax, and a 8MP ultrawide snappers. Laser-helped self-modify is open on all cameras, there is gimbal alteration on the essential shooter and optical change on the 5x fax cam. A triple-LED twofold tone streak is in like manner close.

We ought to examine this 4-camera game plan.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The principal camera is the hotshot unquestionably. It uses a 48MP Sony IMX598 custom sensor with Quad-Bayer concealing channel, 0.8µm pitch, and f/1.6 25mm point of convergence. Laser-help and PDAF are available, regularly. The whole thing is settled with a littler scope gimbal structure that should give 3x better change over conventional OIS game plan.

The ultrawide camera uses a 8MP 1/4.0″ sensor with 1.12µm pixels and f/2.2 16mm point of convergence. By virtue of the laser-helped self-modify, you can similarly shoot full scale photos from as close as 2.5cm away from the subject.

The is moreover a 13MP camera with f/2.5 50mm point of convergence for 2x optical zoom. Vivo calls this a portrayal camera.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

Finally, you similarly get a 8MP camera with periscope f/3.4 135mm point of convergence for 5x optical zoom over the essential camera. Four-rotate Optical Image Stabilization is available for this camera.

We ought to drift back to the little scope gimbal structure as this is the main event when we see it on a PDA. It takes on different occasions more space than a standard OIS course of action, and that is the explanation vivo expected to make due with a more diminutive sensor as the IMX598 and not goliath one like Huawei, Samsung, or Xiaomi. It promises to make up for that in quality, so fingers crossed.

Vivo is officially considering this a littler than anticipated gimbal camera. It offers fantastic modification over a singular center point and it required some investment for vivo’s R&D gathering to downsize the module. It regardless of everything takes on numerous occasions the surface district of the ordinary wireless camera and on different occasions the locale of the starting at now standard periscope snappers.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

The framework uses twofold ball suspension and voice twist motor, twofold S-type FPC lines, T-FPC, appealing edge, and cautious spread. As vivo explains it – the whole thing passes on mechanical-development pay by electro-appealing acknowledgment – it moves the other method of the shaking developments.

vivo X50 Pro Full Review

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