Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review


The Galaxy M21 is one more mid-extend cell phone from Samsung. In the event that you’re thinking about whether we have looked into this previously, at that point you are generally right. The Galaxy M21 is basically a variation of the Galaxy M31, which itself was a variation of the Galaxy M30s, the two of which we have explored. So truly, we have all been here previously.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

The distinctions with the Galaxy M21 are negligible and the three telephones are fringe indistinguishable. The M21 shares the body, show, chipset, and battery with the other two telephones. It likewise shares the memory, stockpiling, and back cameras with the M30s.

The Galaxy M31, being the most costly one of the three, has a marginally fancier back camera arrangement with a large scale focal point. Each of the three have distinctive front cameras. You can discover the contrasts between the three telephones here.

Along these lines, not so vastly different, at that point. In any case, how about we jump on the following pages to check whether there is whatever sets the Galaxy M21 separated.


The Galaxy M21 is a genuinely standard looking mid-run offering from the South Korean brand. The structure is really basic and stays away from a portion of the visual styles that adversary brands have going on nowadays in this section.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

The glass front conceals a sizable jaw at the base and a tear score at the top. This isn’t one of Samsung’s progressively premium structures with super-dainty bezels however at the cost, the plan is sufficiently present day.

The sides and the back are totally shaped out of one bit of plastic. The sides have a two-tone appearance, with a lighter shade at the top and base and an obscured, almost dark appearance on the sides. The correct edge has the force and volume catches while the base has an earphone jack, USB-C port, and single amplifier.

The sides stream into the back, which has a polished appearance. Like the M31 and M30s, the rear of the M21 is a monster smirch magnet and hard to keep clean. It likewise gets scraped pretty effectively and inside a few days of utilization, we saw scrape blemishes on the rear of the telephone, much after negligible use. There’s no case in the case so you’ll need to get your own.

The back additionally has the unique mark sensor, which is like the one from the M30s and not the more up to date ones from the M31. This sensor expects you to swipe your finger while enlisting your prints, which velocities up the selecting procedure impressively.

Notwithstanding, the unique mark sensor execution isn’t in the same class as the one on the M31 and regularly requires a long time to turn the screen on in any event, when your finger is perched on the sensor. The sensor itself isn’t moderate, as when the screen is on the telephone opens right away however for reasons unknown, the postponement is any longer if the screen is off. The sensor is additionally flush with the rear of the telephone, which makes it hard to zone into its situation without taking a gander at it.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

All things considered, we are not huge enthusiasts of this unique mark sensor and wish Samsung had utilized the one from the M31.

On the upper left corner of the back is the camera module with the triple camera framework and the LED streak. Each of the three cameras here are indistinguishable from those on the M30s.

The general form nature of the telephone is alright. The telephone feels sensibly strong yet the vibe of the reflexive, smirched plastic back is upsetting close by. We wish Samsung had gone for a matte or finished completion for the back as opposed to attempting to cause it to appear glass. The telephone is additionally marginally on the thicker and heavier side, which some probably won’t care for.


The Galaxy M21 has a 6.4-inch, 2340×1080 goal, Super AMOLED show. The presentation is indistinguishable from that on the M31, M30s, and an entire bundle of other mid-run Samsung telephones. It’s likely the most well known board in Samsung’s setup.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

As you’d anticipate from a Samsung board, the quality is generally excellent. The presentation ships with the shop mode or “Striking” preset out of the container, which is actually what it seems like yet you can without much of a stretch switch over to the more exact “Regular” mode from the showcase settings.

Indeed, even in the Natural mode, the showcase displays amazing shading immersion and precise skin tones, alongside great brilliance, wide review edges, and no shading consistency issues or filthy screen impact. This may not be Samsung’s most premium OLED board yet it is still generally excellent and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Samsung has utilized it in such a significant number of its telephones. The main drawback we can consider is the 60Hz revive rate however that is worthy on a tight spending plan telephone.


The Galaxy M21 runs on Samsung One UI 2.0 on head of Android 10. Our audit unit was on the February 1, 2020 security fix at the hour of writing in June.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

The product experience is to a great extent indistinguishable from what we have seen on Samsung telephones for as far back as a while. One UI 2.0 brought some structure changes, for example, an overhauled notices UI, refreshed Camera application, progressively available plan for stock applications that shifts everything somewhere around default with enormous application titles on top, alongside everything Android 10 presented.

User Interface

The new UI is to a great extent easy to use and furthermore accompanies a reasonable number of highlights worked in, even on this spending gadget. There’s very little to whine on the plan front and in spite of the fact that there’s a touch of bloatware that comes pre-introduced, at any rate on our Indian survey test, an accomplished client ought to have the option to dispose of a large portion of it.

Beginner clients, notwithstanding, may be fooled into introducing much more bloatware through the application recommendations that popup while setting up the telephone. We don’t overlook these practices however it has become the truth of purchasing a spending Android cell phone today, particularly in business sectors like India.

Shockingly, the presentation on the M21 isn’t excellent. Our survey unit was the 4/64GB model, and that seemed to have any kind of effect contrasted with the 6/128GB M31 we checked on not long ago. The M21 felt perceptibly more slow, particularly during performing multiple tasks. Everything occurs with a brief delay and it’s particularly recognizable in the Camera application, which has a robust shade slack and afterward a further postponement in sparing the prepared picture.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

Some portion of the fault additionally goes to the Exynos 9611 yet we have seen this chip perform better in Samsung’s different models, so this generally comes down to the memory arrangement. We would unequivocally suggest you stay away from the 4GB variation and go for the 6GB. In any case, at that point the 6GB variation is excessively near the M31 in estimating, so there’s a touch of quandary there.

Gaming execution isn’t as seriously affected by the memory size as applications and they run similarly just as they did on the M31, or, in other words all around ok for a financial plan cell phone.

Camera Review

The Camera application accompanies different modes, including a representation or ‘Live Focus’ mode, Pro mode, Panorama, and a Night mode. A scene enhancer mode can change certain picture boundaries like shading and difference dependent regarding the matter. Still pictures can be shot in the standard 12MP mode or alternatively in the full 48MP mode, which shoots in the local goal yet comes up short on a portion of the picture preparing highlights, for example, HDR. You can likewise decide to spare pictures in HEIF to spare some space however this could cause similarity issues with different gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

For video, you have the choice to shoot in full 4K or 1080p. 4K recordings don’t have picture adjustment, so it’s prescribed to shoot in 1080p in the event that you are shooting handheld. For significantly steadier video, there is a Super Steady mode, which records utilizing the ultra-wide camera and harvests in forcefully for much progressively stable film. Recordings can likewise be spared in HEVC codec to spare space without losing picture quality.

Slow movement choices are likewise accessible, including 240fps moderate movement and 960fps excessively moderate movement, both in 720p. There’s additionally a worked in hyperlapse highlight that records in 1080p.

The 48MP primary camera is equivalent to the one on the M30s and the picture quality is comparable, or, in other words entirely great generally speaking. The sunlight pictures have a decent measure of detail with low commotion. The hues will in general look somewhat pastel now and again, and that has to do with the fairly powerless unique range. This makes the telephone kick into HDR mode, which does ponders for the dynamic range however will in general likewise straighten some mid-tones causing hues to have that pastel look.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

The self-adjust on the primary camera is somewhat slow and can miss center on occasion. This is particularly evident when shooting something near the focal point and it’s difficult to discern whether you’re not in center without zooming into the picture later. The M21 comes up short on the devoted large scale focal point of the M31, which some may discover helpful.

The ultra-wide camera has unremarkable detail with the corners being especially delicate and twisted yet Samsung has worked superbly of coordinating the hues and dynamic scope of the primary camera. The more extensive point of view it offers regularly compensates for the not exactly agreeable picture quality.

The Live Focus include likewise works sensibly well with a flexible foundation obscure during and in the wake of shooting.

We don’t have a huge amount of test pictures here as we are still under COVID-19 related government lockdown in our general vicinity however on the off chance that you need to see more from this camera, simply look at our Galaxy M30s audit.


The Samsung Galaxy M21 joins a fairly packed market, with the group for the most part comprising of its own somewhat comparable stablemates. We truly can’t make sense of why Samsung has three variants of a similar fundamental gadget so firmly estimated and why you should think about this specific form more than others.

The M21’s conceivable favorable position is that it has a 4/64GB variation, which is the least expensive of the trio M21/M31/M30s however as we found in the presentation segment, we don’t suggest this rendition dependent on its exhibition. In any case, in case you’re spending extra for the 6/64GB variation, why not simply go somewhat further and simply get the M31.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Full Review

In the M31 audit, we remarked that the M31 is a decent, if not a class-driving spending plan cell phone that despite everything remains constant today. With the M21 being obviously more terrible off, we see less motivations to think about it, particularly with this specific value portion being as serious as it may be. The base model is particularly dreary.

At long last, despite the fact that the M21 is a truly good telephone in general, particularly when you consider things like presentation quality, camera, and battery life, we figure it needs more to contrast the opposition, a significant number of which are Samsung’s own telephones.


  • Incredible presentation quality
  • Great principle camera quality
  • Superb battery existence with quick charging


  • Plasticky plan
  • Languid execution on the 4GB RAM model
  • Covers with other current Samsung telephones

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