Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review


The Galaxy A setup has cherished a warmth gathering during the most recent years. Samsung controlled to situate the assortment returned on track to satisfaction with a brisk exchange from head class mid-officers nearer to more affordable AMOLED-pushed cell phones. Furthermore, the more affordable An assortment phones like Galaxy A41 are collecting the most extreme consideration. This exact variant is a portion of the most extreme minimal handsets you could buy today.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

There is parcels to adore roughly the spic and span Galaxy A41. It is developed cycle a nearly bezel-significantly less 6.1″ Super AMOLED screen, anyway trust it or now no more – it’s far one of the littlest and light-weight cell phones in 2020. With a head of 150mm and weight of a hundred and fifty grams, the A41 goes to solid without trouble in each pocket.

The Galaxy A41 has a trio of snappers at the returned and a snappy adequate equipment to handle limit of the errands. The One UI gets higher and purifier with each age and the A41 has the advanced model 2.1 on zenith of Android 10.

At last, the Galaxy A41 is evaluated appealingly round the €250 mark, making it now not, at this point least complex one of the littlest, anyway one of the most modest phones with a Super AMOLED screen, sharp at that.

There is one clear exclusion that a large portion of the Chinese rivalry offer – a water-repellent covering at the internals. It positive isn’t an arrangement breaking highlight, anyway it can concoct a couple of more tranquility of considerations and we’d appreciate for Samsung to at last bounce in this train, as well.


The Galaxy A41 is loaded up with a rather modest looking through cardboard box. It accompanies a 15W charger and a dark USB-C link.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The bundle furthermore comprises of a few modest looking through pair of earphones with a mic.

Design And Build

The Galaxy A41 shows up parts like its kindred Galaxies – a major AMOLED on the front, a plastic body over the sides, and a captivating back board that Samsung when noted as “Glasstic”. It has great diffused geometric styles and strains – adequate to be interesting, yet at this point no longer as ostentatious to be irritating.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Making a value go telecellsmartphone requires a couple of brilliant cost-cutting framework and that is perhaps the reason why the Galaxy A41 is result of plastic. We do regard the more endeavors Samsung has made to show up high-caliber, and to be sure – it has toiled appropriately for the A41. The angle tints are mixing softly beneathneath unique light, the now not, at this point so irregular strains of different thickness appearance extremely magical, at that point the 2 strains that ruin the styles are an absolutely great touch, as well. By and large, an action appropriately done.

Back to the front, there’s a 6.1″ Super AMOLED show with a bead framed indent for the 25MP selfie camera. The exceptionally little showcase has delayed 1080p dynamic for one sharp 431ppi thickness. The bezels are incredibly slender, making for this head class feeling while the use of the A41.

The earpiece is at the body, basically in which the presentation glass closes. This way it doesn’t make for one additional interruption over the showcase indent.

The presentation shrouds the optical unique mark scanner, some other head class work that made its way onto the value run Galaxy A41. Shockingly, it’s currently not, at this point quick and now no longer as right as some of the present day withinside the business. It works fine, anyway you need to save your finger for a piece longer than expected, around three seconds, and in the event that you didn’t cowl the total surface – at that point maybe do it twice.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Luckily, Samsung moreover offers Face Unlock, and remembering that it isn’t the most secure other option, it might be orchestrated to work simultaneously with the special finger impression peruser and quicken the whole open thing.

In case you are contemplating about the screen glass source, well, we are, also. Samsung used Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy A30, A40, A50, and so forth, similarly as on the A51 this year, so we bet that A41 moreover incorporates a Corning-made piece. If not, it is as yet a kind of rewarded glass, so you shouldn’t pressure much over that.

The Galaxy A41 is feeble at 7.9mm, yet you will find positive nuts and bolts around its plastic edge – the 3.5mm jack, the USB-C port, and the speaker are on the base; the creamer SIM opening is on the left, while the volume and power keys are on the right.

The camera module on the back isn’t distending a great deal, anyway it is responsible for some wobbling.

The triple-camera course of action is the primary component of excitement over at the back. It contains the 5MP significance sensor, the 48MP fundamental shooter, and the 8MP ultrawide snapper. A lone LED streak is in like manner close.

As we expressed, we are lovers of the chameleon-like back and its shapes. It may not be some tea, and it is a to some degree enormous one of a kind imprint magnet, yet we think it is a wonderful touch by Samsung. It is moreover a match to other continuous Galaxy A phones.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Samsung Galaxy A41 measures 149.9 x 69.8 x 7.9mm and weighs basically 152g. This is 1cm taller than the iPhone SE (2020) and a comparable impression as the Mi 9 SE, which we considered as one of the most littler late droids. Moreover, no doubt, the A41 is maybe the humblest phone we’ve managed in some time – it’s light and pocket welcoming. This without anyone else will impact numerous people into buying the A41 even before they consider its Super AMOLED or, state, camera. It is just so phenomenal to find an insignificant phone these days.

Dealing with the Galaxy A41 is a truly necessary boost, especially when it is beginning from the maker that probable started the whole phablet thing with the Galaxy Notes. It is a little phone, conveniently worked with one hand, and your fingers won’t be annoyingly broadening continually. Its plastic packaging obliges a fair hold, and you won’t relentlessly fear dropping it, whether or not it is a subtle phone.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Thusly, undoubtedly, we appreciated the Galaxy A41 for its manufacture and size, and we figure various others will like it as well.

Performance And UI

The Galaxy A41 boots Samsung’s current and forefront programming combo, including Android 10 with OneUI 2.1. The Korean beast has made sense of how to keep up an amazingly consistent quest for its custom skin for quite a while now. Most recent refinements are inconspicuous and for the most part plan to clean the experience further. Things like assessing critical interactable sections and improving part position for less difficult reachability. Simultaneously, existing Samsung customers on increasingly settled contraptions should feel right great with the general configuration.

OneUI 2.1 has shown up at a level of advancement where ease, solicitation, and extraordinary affiliation are ensured. The Galaxy A41 invites you with straight-forward lockscreen and home screens, all out with a full game plan of customization remembers similarly as various devices for the Always for plain view.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

If you are into customization, OneUI is amazingly pliant. The understood subjects limits are expansive and join a rich online store of both free and paid decisions. You can mix and match solitary pieces of the arrangement, like images. You can similarly have the lockscreen establishment change normally.

The Always on display feature can in like manner be strongly revamped. Past a natural decision of watch faces, you in like manner get instinctive controls, Samsung calls FaceWidgets. In like manner, there is a whole portion in the Samsung Theme store focused on AOD developments.

There is similarly Edge lighting – it’s a part that can enlighten different kinds of periphery shimmer for admonitions, and as you’ve apparently guessed, there are gigantic measures of options and styles to peruse.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Samsung is far reaching with respect to course choices. Out-of-the-case the Galaxy A41 is set up with the good old, unmistakable nav-bar. Signal course is moreover available, and you find the opportunity to pick between the One UI 2 game plan of exercises or come back to the One UI 1 strategy for completing things. The past resembles the current neighborhood Android 10 procedure with a swipe-in from the sides for ‘Back’ and swipe-up from the base for Home or undertaking switcher. The old course is by swiping up from three separate districts on the base that do what the on-screen gets before them used to do. This capacities commendably near to the default Samsung Pay swipe-up interface, if that is some tea.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

Diminish mode is a modestly new component, at any rate in its current, dynamic and versatile state. It skins UI segments in dim and shades of diminish and besides calls the dull strategies for maintained applications, which fuse the in-house ones similarly as most of the Google suite. Benevolent, and the GSMArena application, since its last update. You can in like manner use a modified arranging system that flips Dark mode at sunrise and sunset, independently or set your own time touchy schedule.

Biometrics on the Galaxy A41 join an optical one of a kind finger impression peruser and basic camera-simply face distinguishing proof. Enlisting a one of a kind imprint is fairly moderate system, thorn you simply need to do it once, isn’t that so?

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The Galaxy A41 is a consistent performer with respect to one of a kind finger impression affirmation – in 4 out of 5 cases it saw our finger, anyway sparing it for longer than anticipated (state, 3 seconds) is reliably an outright need. While it is an optical peruser, it in spite of everything feels sluggish like the ultrasonic units used in Samsung’s leads. The laggy open vivacity doesn’t help with clear speed.

Camera Review

The Galaxy A41 has a triple-camera on the back with a fairly regular arrangement – a high-res fundamental shooter, a ultrawide snapper, and a 5MP significance sensor. A lone LED streak is around as well, if you ever need it.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The basic camera uses a 48MP Sony IMX582 1/2.0″ sensor with 0.8µm pixels, f/2.0 point of convergence, and Quad Bayer concealing channel. The last techniques this camera saves 12MP photos, anyway a high-res 48MP shooting mode is available as well. Stage perceive self-modify is maintained.

The ultrawide camera uses a 8MP Samsung ISOCELL S5K4HAYX 1/4.0″ sensor with 1.12µm pixels behind f/2.2 point of convergence. The inside is fixed.

The significance camera uses a 5MP GC5035 sensor with f/2.4 hole.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The selfie camera offers a 24.8MP 1/2.78″ sensor with 0.9µm pixels and Quad-Bayer channel. Peculiarly, the sensor examining application declared that it is both Sony IMX 576 and Samsung S5K2X5. Regardless, the two sensors are of a comparable size and offer comparable specs. The sensor sits behind a f/2.2 opening point of convergence that has a fixed center intrigue. Being a Quad Bayer sort of module, the selfie cam saves 12MP pictures obviously, anyway this one can be set to yield 16MP shots if that is significant.

Similarly as other Samsung phones, the selfie on the A41 has a change to choose how wide the packaging will be. This setting annoyingly defaults to the littler decision and consequently – a 8MP yield, which is amazingly furthermore the standard with Samsung contraptions. When shooting in the more broad point, selfies turn out in 12MP.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The camera application is a comparable you’d find on each Samsung with several minor structure changes gave One UI 2.0 like the greater printed style for the modes and the format for the picked mode rather than the solid air pocket of already.

Practically, it’s for the most part indistinguishable from some other camera application out there. Swiping left and right will switch between every accessible mode, and there’s additionally an alternative to re-orchestrate or expel a portion of the modes from the viewfinder. Vertical swipes in either heading will switch among front and back cameras.

The settings symbol is situated in the upper left corner of the screen and gives you fine authority over the cameras. You don’t get discrete setting screens for photograph and video, since the choices aren’t that numerous altogether. The standard stuff like video goal, framework lines, area information, and so on., can be found there. You can likewise kill on and the Scene streamlining agent. Once on, you despite everything need to flip it on a second time from the principle UI however. Remember that.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Full Review

The Galaxy A41 camera doesn’t bolster Night Mode.

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