Motorola Edge Full Review


The Edge arrangement is Motorola’s arrival pass to the significant alliance. The organization quit any pretense of making leads somewhere in the range of three years back. The Moto arrangement stayed concentrated exclusively on spending plan and mid-extend gadgets. Until the Motorola Edge team became.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The vanilla version of the Motorola Edge appears to be pleasantly adjusted and it should acquire a spot among the prestigious lead executioner specialty, while its Edge+ kin is an undeniable leader, complete with the exceptional sticker price.

Along these lines, the Motorola Edge, one bended cell phone by the name and its vibes, includes a huge OLED with steep inclines, finished off with 90Hz invigorate rate. The selfie pattern is very little, and we are as of now captivated by the board without a doubt.

The vanilla Edge is as yet forefront with regards to the decision of chipset. The Snapdragon 765G is one of the latest mid-go Qualcomm chipsets and it has promising execution, just as 5G network.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The chipset is one of the significant contrasts among Edge and Edge+ – the more costly Plus model accompanies the leader Snapdragon 865 chip. The capacity is additionally of an alternate kind – UFS 2.1 on the Edge versus UFS 3.0 for Edge+ – yet such an a silver coating is that solitary the normal Edge offers a microSD opening.

At long last, the quad-camera on the back is deserving of a leader regardless of whether there is no OIS on both of snappers. There is a 64MP essential, a 16MP ultrawide, a 8MP tele for 2x zoom, and a 3D ToF camera.

Ordinarily for Moto, the Edge accompanies an abundantly estimated battery and sound system speakers. It likewise offers a 3.5mm jack – an irregularity these days, and it runs on vanilla-looking Android 10 with guaranteed significant updates for the following 2 years.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The main thing we are absent on this spec sheet is the evaluated water and residue opposition. The Motorola edge has P2i water-repulsing covering on its internals, however so do a lot less expensive Moto telephones so maybe IP67 would sit better with the intended interest group. All things considered, the Moto Edge is estimated sensibly, so it merits a go for that.

Unboxing the Motorola Edge

The Motorola Edge arrives in a snazzy black box that contains the 18W charger and the USB-C link. Inside you will likewise discover in-ear pair of Moto earphones.

Motorola Edge Full Review

On the off chance that you look inside the top paper compartment, you will locate a flimsy silicone case to go with your new Motorola Edge. As a result of its bended screen, there will be hardly any, outsider case producers, so we value the packaged frill.


The angled screen is a remarkable treat, particularly with that high-balance OLED board with 90Hz invigorate rate.

For sure, simply take a gander at the precarious slants on the more extended sides of the screen – they go most of the way around the sides until the flimsy aluminum outline stops this. What’s more, it is excellent, cutting edge even, despite the fact that we’ve just observed such cascade like OLEDs on enough leader gadgets.

Motorola Edge Full Review

We don’t know whether these will be some tea, particularly with the shadowy impact around these edges, yet perhaps the tense ness will be the defining moment for making the Edge a smash hit.

Anyway, the Edge’s presentation is edge-to-edge, while the top and base bezels are somewhat immaterial by the present guidelines. There is a punch-opening pattern for the 25MP selfie camera, however it is little and more often than not doesn’t impede anything.

The screen is ensured by appropriately bended Gorilla Glass 5 by Corning, and it feels without a doubt tough regardless of the shape.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The earpiece, which likewise serves as a speaker, holes up behind one exceptionally slight grille over the screen.

Then, under the OLED, undetectable to the unaided eye, is an optical unique mark scanner. It works quite quick and is exact, so we have no bad things to say at all.

In any case, in the event that we didn’t ruin that for you, it would have been extremely difficult to tell it is plastic.

Furthermore, it is one pleasantly made bit of plastic, Dark Blue as our own or something bad might happen, appearing as though the dark and the blue hues dissolved together, with a touch of stardust.

Motorola Edge Full Review


One other cool thing about the Edge’s back board – the four cameras are flush with the back. All things considered, nearly. There is no distending bit of glass as such, however there are four minuscule metal rings encompassing those snappers. And keeping in mind that they hypothetical do stand out, it’s insufficient to make the telephone wobble.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Before we check out the aluminum outline, here is something fascinating. The edge is level around the top and base, while the Edge has its internals with a decent weight balance, thus you can do that. It doesn’t make a difference much, however it’s very uncommon nowadays for a telephone to be fit for that, so we needed to offer the Edge our virtual go-ahead.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Around the more drawn out sides it is so flimsy, more slender than a Mastercard, and there is a decent possibility you may think there is no casing by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, there is, supportively sharp at that, and it is the main thing to make for some grasp when taking pictures.

Motorola Edge Full Review

On the base of the Motorola Edge is the subsequent speaker, the USB-C port, and my, gracious, my, a 3.5mm jack! Take a gander at that! We are certain the audiophiles will value this component.

The SIM plate is at the head of the Edge, and it has a devoted microSD space – something that is altogether missing on the Edge+.

On the other hand, it accompanies a sizable battery with the goal that we won’t hold the thickness against the Edge. The telephone weighs 188g, likewise in accordance with the size and battery.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Taking care of the Motorola Edge is a decent encounter, and the edge accommodates enough grasp not to utilize the gave case. Not that the case is awful, it just demolishes the excellence and appears as though we’ve placed the Edge in an elastic vessel.

Anyway, the Motorola Edge can unquestionably go for a leader, regardless of whether it is focused on the mid-go fragment. It has the looks, the materials, and the screen, while the sprinkle obstruction (IP52-affirmed) is refreshing as usual.


It has a little punch-opening pattern around the upper left corner clearing a path for the selfie camera. The board is ensured by a layer of Gorilla Glass 5.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The screen is of expanded Full HD goal – 2,340 x 1,080 pixels which includes for 385ppi.

The Edge+ and Edge have a similar screen boards however this one here just got HDR10 confirmation as opposed to the HDR10+ affirmed screen on the Edge+.

That is not a gigantic misfortune, however a progressively significant contrast between the two telephones is the way that Netflix and Amazon Prime just stream SD substance to the Edge despite the fact that it underpins Widevine L1. We do trust things improve by means of an update later on, however.

A pleasant actuality, the splendor scrubber is a long way from straight and we estimated the 200 nits required for our tests at almost 90% on the brilliance scale so there is next to no space for fine control of the brilliance somewhere in the range of 200 and 400 nits.

Motorola Edge Full Review

At last, the base brilliance we had the option to accomplish with white was 2.3 nits – so a magnificent outcome.

The default Saturated mode got us a normal DeltaE of 3.5 against DCI-P3 targets. With Natural mode, we estimated a normal DeltaE of 4.0 against sRGB targets.

By and large, shading generation is excellent on the Motorola Edge regardless of whether the white and dark tones consistently have a to some degree pale blue hint.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Battery life and charging

The Motorola Edge has 4,500 mAh battery. The phone reinforces Moto’s 18W Turbo Power charging and it fills 37% of the depleted battery in 30mins, not snappy but rather then not tired either. A full charge takes 2 hours and 32 minutes be that as it may.

Motorola Edge Full Review

We’ve gotten the Motorola Edge through our battery life test and the phone aced it. The Edge scored a 102-hour Endurance rating. It made an earth shattering appearing in completely attempted circumstances – video, calls, and web examining. It is in like manner extremely beneficial with respect to hold execution and in this way the 100+ duration.

The video and web program battery test ran at 90Hz introduction setting – the default one – and that is what our battery picture is showing up. Right when set at 60Hz, we coordinated 1 hour more on web and 2 extra hours on video playback. The last diligence rating rose to 106h.


Motorola has chosen a generally stock Android experience for its cell phones, even the ones that are not part of the Android One program. All things considered, there’s a broad rundown of custom highlights pleasantly packaged in the Moto App.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Moto Actions are an arrangement of sharp ways for associating with the telephone – including a karate slash for flipping the spotlight on or off, wind movement to dispatch the camera application, three-finger screen capture signal, accelerometer-based ringtone hushing.

Moto Display is more component rich on the Edge+ than on your normal Moto. Edge Touch is an activity bar as an afterthought which you can use in various manners – swipe in for adaptable alternate routes, swipe down for access to the notice shade and snappy flips, swipe up for the errand switcher and application cabinet. Twofold tapping the bar, then again, can be set up to do one of two things – it will either switch to and fro between the two last utilized applications, or it will cripple the presentation edges accordingly contracting the usable application region inside the level part with the goal that text doesn’t spill to the sides making it hard to peruse. You could contend that incapacitating the edges on a telephone that overemphasizes its edges is fairly irrational, yet the alternative is there in the event that you need to utilize it. You can alter the bar’s area along the tallness of the telephone just as pick the left or right edge, however you can’t have both.

Motorola Edge Full Review


Edge lights is a lot of highlights that will illuminate the bended sides of the presentation for calls and notices, just as while charging the telephone. You can set those to possibly be dynamic when the screen is looking down for most extreme coolness impact. This is the point at which the packaged case with its raised top and base lips proves to be useful.


The other two highlights in this class aren’t Edge special features. Look Display, the not-generally in plain view, will show warnings and let you interface with them in that spot on the lock screen in addition to it will wake up when you get your telephone. Mindful showcase will keep the screen on as long as you are taking a gander at it.

Motorola Edge Full Review
There’s a spic and span Personalization include that lets you redo the look and feel of your Moto. You can mess with the size and format of the symbols on the homescreen, change the framework text style, and pick a complement shading for the brisk switches.

Moto Gametime is the organization’s arrangement of instruments for upgrading versatile gaming and now it offers a cool new component – you can include virtual triggers the edge, which you can use in well known activity games. Another champion ability is the alternative to have two extra programming catches (Left and Right), which you can allot in-game activities to and position anyplace on the presentation.

Motorola Edge Full Review

Vivid mode lets you sift through calls and notices, the Performance segment permits you to kill versatile brilliance, debilitate the edge bits of the presentation and turn on sound upgrades. A discretionary in-game skimming symbol called Toolkit gives you speedy switches for calls and notices, access to your decision of two informing applications just as access to the full Game time settings.

Camera Review

The basic camera uses a 64MP 1/1.72″ ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor by Samsung with Quad-Bayer channel, 0.8µm pixels and f/1.7 26mm point of convergence. Stage recognize self-alter is open.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The ultrawide camera uses a 16MP OmniVision OV16A10 1/3.06″ sensor with 1.0µm pixels behind f/2.2 13mm point of convergence. Self-alter is open and along these lines you can in like manner shoot enormous scope photos at around 4-8cm division.

Motorola Edge Full Review

The Motorola Edge in like manner offers a zoom camera for 2x enhancement and portrayals. It uses a 8MP 1/4.0″ OV8856 sensor by OmniVision with 1.12µm pixels and goes with f/2.4 52mm point of convergence. Stage acknowledgment AF is available, as well. This camera saves 16MP pictures as usual and there is no 8MP mode, so you will reliably get upscaled pictures. Neighborhood 8MP objective is open only for manual and picture modes. Why?

Motorola Edge Full Review

Last is the ToF camera, which should help the portrayal mode and besides help oneself modify when imperative.

For selfies, you get 25MP Quad Pixel camera. The 1/2.8″ sensor is Samsung S5K2X5 ISOCELL Slim with 0.9µm pixels behind a f/2.0 hole point of convergence that has a fixed center intrigue. Being a Quad Bayer kind of module, the selfie cam accepts 6.2MP pictures as is normally done, anyway this one can be set to yield 25MP shots if that is essential.Motorola Edge Full Review

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